Something severely strange…

Sometimes its becomes more evident that life is but a reaction to consequence and not a result of some spontaneous or proactive endeavour…which is unfortunate, but at least there is a modicum of creativity in how we respond to those consequences, but thats only the details, unfortunately the bigger ‘plan’ is beyond our realm of control, as much as we’d like to believe we are the creators of our fate.
And why do I say this, I’ll tell you in the next post.

So Maybe…

It’s a new year, there are new resolutions for the year, resolutions we almost definitely will not stick to or achieve, but its in the identifying of them that we acknowledge and/or take stock of where we are in our lives, even if its superficial in a sense. Resolutions are a reflection of the stuff about ourselves that we don’t like (generally) or want to change.

So in a sense there’s an honesty in being able to identify them (assuming there’s more than one), we then go straight ahead (some quicker than others) and ‘rubbish’ them and by the end of January most of us don’t even remember what they were, BUT, at least for the briefest of time we acknowledged that there is ‘stuff’ about us that’s not perfect (not that we are ignorant to the ‘stuff’ but its serves our selfish parochial tendencies better to ‘not engage’ with, said ‘stuff’), and maybe we need to. Instead of just going through the habitual ‘resolution identifying process’ in mid December (or late on the 31st, a few minutes before midnight), we should force ourselves, on a more regular basis to take stock of that ‘stuff’, take a few minutes (or hours, depending on the ‘heap’ of ‘stuff’ you have) and put in a consummate effort to ‘make’, ‘modify’ and ‘amend’ ourselves to better reflect the innate tendencies of self “less”ness, humility and being a better person to the world and those in it, even if it necessitates a  bit of ‘sacrifice’ of self, do it! the world desperately needs it!

Easier said than done…

It’s when you stand in the absolute blackness of night, your soul, hammered into submission by time’s relentless  ravaging, doubt now so manifest you know it’s true,  and fear so tangible you can’t find the will to scream, and then, knowing the demon stands behind you, you turn and face it, and in the almost certainty of  defeat, you fight the good fight,  raging against it with every ounce of you you have left, cos you know being good and true in this life is battle eternal, and right at that moment the act is more important than the outcome… Then you know what it is to true to you.

What do you stand for?

Its easy enough to stand for something, to represent something, to draw that line in the sand (and hopefully be brave enough to defend it) But, is what you stand for what you believe in? Think about it… Its easier to ‘stand for’ the ‘normal’ stuff, the conformist stuff, the stuff people would expect you to defend, but what about the tough stuff, the stuff you know will cause ‘a raised eyebrow, or more’, that ‘stuff’ that deep down you believe in but you ain’t sure about society at large’s ‘agreeing’ with you, are you brave enough to take a stand for that stuff, with as much voracity as the ‘easier’ stuff… think about it!

Avoid the grey, the grey wants you to be predictable, to defend the norm, the accepted, at the expense of what you truly believe in at times… so make sure that when you take that stand, that its for what you believe in and not just what’s expected from you, by others!

A small amount of patience…

I realise that one of our greatest shortcomings is or lack of patience, our ability to honestly & openly not only listen to others but to attentively ‘hear’ what is being said, to internalise it, to some degree (based on subject, intensity, interest, etc.) and then reply. Typically we just want a ‘gap’ so we can say what we want to say, cos the world ‘needs’ to hear what I have to say… The wisest and most revered men were better listers than talkers… So listen truthfully and have a little patience!

To have been or not to have been…a ? or a state of senses?

As I search for more meaning, more understanding, more insight and more of me, I realise I miss out on not always understanding and the awe it can bring, lesser insight and the excitement of taking a chance, and not seeking more of me but finding clues in talking to others. And in all these ‘misses’ there is more meaning than I could ever have thought…enjoy life by being true to you!

Attitude is NB

The reality is just that plain, people with a positive attitude, enjoy more successes than those with sh1tty attitudes… The trick is to have and maintain a positive attitude in spite of the myriad of challenges that exist, next to reflect and look at how we can reach be a little more positive then hey, I firmly believe it comes down to striving to be better, in what we we do and how we engage with those around us, be they friend’s, stranger or colleagues. Be friendly, helpful and honest… It’s a good start


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