Mmmm and thus is stuff

If you consider integrity as a defining characteristic and only you can know whether it’s you or a facade of you that exhibits that integrity, then maybe it’s outside your grasp, and you’re wasting too much time trying to bullshit yourself…

Mmmm… Ja

Have you ever thought quite specifically about whether you actually believe in yourself, what it means if you do, but also what consequences a lack of true faith in your ability to action your life into what you want it to be means? It’s tougher than you think cos unfortunately there is always some dependency on how we engage with the world and those around us…

And if they (be it directly or indirectly) are at odds with our ‘actioning’ well then we always tend to compromise, and in that compromise we will always be worse off cos we as the ‘actioner’ will lose a bit of our ‘us’ and the world and/or the others only compromise on perception or process, nothing unto themselves. 

So we often lose, bit by bit those ‘special’ bits of ourselves by default just by trying to stay true to ‘our faith in ourself’.

Gotta keep fighting the good fight, avoid the grey, it ain’t you!

Be true to you!

Though I’m not always sure what that means, compromise seems so essential these days, without it we are more true to ourselves but at the expense of surviving the world we ourselves created…

Into oblivion…

not sure why I chose that title, just came to mind and it sounded appropriate though I am not sure why… Like those 6th sense moments where you’re not sure why something is relevant and/or important but your gut says so, and we trust it.

Not that I intended this post to be ‘heavy’, actually quite the opposite, cos I feel rather light of heart today, not that I often feel that way enough to write though. However, today is a good day and I don’t acknowledge them often enough, so this is just a credit note for the good days, may many more follow, and our acknowledgment of them!

Just a little faith…

easy to have it when all goes according to plan, convenient to forget it when things don’t, and then to blame for our own shortcomings… Just saying. 

When you should hold on to it tighter during tough times, not take it for granted during the good times and use it as inspiration when we’re honest enough with ourselves to admit our shortcomings… Just saying!

Mmmm… and so it goes

I know I’ve said this before but time necessitates a reminder, sometimes the more we seek the less we find. At times though the thought of ‘merely’ existing doesn’t fit right with our urge to grasp, understand and/or desire to know, but often is exactly at these times that we should put our urge/desire to know aside.

For some strange reason when we find ourselves in these instances it’s the conscious choice to not seek that allows us to find… it’s as though in our energetic and oft misplaced enthusiasm we lose our ability to ‘absorb’ what we need to, like we’re too focused on process to see the truth or any nuances thereof.

We’re so concerned with solving the ‘equation’ that we forget about what led to its formulation…


a year in Full swing…

So 2015 started with much fanfare and here we are in March and the year is just becoming another passage of time, nothing really special about it, save for the bits n pieces happening in people’s lives, sometimes more exciting than others, but mostly I think people are just surviving. Polishing their fake smiles (mostly) agreeing or disagreeing depending on the level of commitment to the argument, discussion and/or person(s) involved…and not really brave enough to put themselves ‘out there’.

Pity that though, cos the world has just morphed into a myriad of constructed situations where our roles are as fake as the lives we lead, I’m generalizing of course, its not all doom and gloom, but sometimes just sometimes when we consciously take a moment and reflect, you’ll realise that the above is true more than we’d like, or want to admit.

The solution, I’m not to sure, its becoming more difficult, the world wants us predictable, wants us controllable cos then we fit in with it’s systems and processes so much better… the solution, I honestly (seriously being honest, sic) don’t know, but you gotta try and fight the grey, maybe the war is lost but hopefully a few battles can still be won!