Cognisance or conscience….The answer lies with you!!

We talk, we read we hear about global warming and the world going to hell because of us, the supposed custodians, and our insatiable desire for materialism, but you see the truth is much more integral,more complex than that, more entrenched, more sneaky and definitely more about who we have evolved into over the last 50 years or so.

Long gone are the days of societal structure & functioning based on the greater good, the communal core, and maintaining it, where we find meaning from being needed and helping those around us and knowing that should that need exist from your side, that it will be met by those around you, not necessarily friends or family but community members that occupy the spaces (geographical) around you, and yes I’m not saying that wouldn’t happen today, I’m talking about the ‘how’ it would happen today (if indeed it did happen) would be vastly different. Central to that difference would be the reason(s) and implications for helping someone which would probably centre around thoughts of (will ‘I’ be in danger, what will others think of ‘me’, I don’t want to get involved etc.) basically the amount (or to extent) we are willing to step out of our own comfort zone (something which we pride and prize ourselves in creating and maintaining), and the associated (perceived) societal costs  (specifically to us) related thereto.

You see, nowadays the helping and assisting of ‘others’ finds its “raison d’etre” in me, not them that need the help. That selflessness that we read about and see in the movies is all but lost, and in this manner of functioning to which we are slaves you’ll find the reason why the world is lost, and will be consumed by us, untill all life fades, inevitably, if we dont care enough to act to help fellow citizens what chance does the earth stand?


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