Inability to learn from past mistakes…

Just as we continue to seek pleasure over and over, in a variety of forms, it seems that the same ‘over and overness’ happens when we make mistakes. How many times have you done something knowing to a certain degree (but hoping like hell otherwise) that what you are about to do won’t have the same result as the last 4 times, and it does… and yet we continue doing shit, its as if we need to convince ouselves that we can succeed at something we have failed at previously, but the hope of success is not based on a new or different approach just a new or different attitude, or a deeper sense of hope or bullsh1t, sometimes we just think “it has to work this time, surely I won’t fail again”, and then you do… I mean it could be related to small insignificant issues, but what about when it starts affecting us on a deeper more substantive level, where we start, ever so slowly to doubt ourselves and our ability to succeed, then it ain’t so cool, seriously!


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