No Longer Madiba’s ANC…now just a left wing racist, unethical bunch!

If one looks back 15 years to the time when Madiba was president, his ethics, his morals, what the ANC represented (a non racial, revolutionary grouping) that prioritised reconciliation, forgiveness, tolerance, and doing what was right for ALL! and one now looks at that same group all one sees is a vestige, an empty shell of what Biko, Madiba et al fought for. Taken its place is grouping that used overtly racial propaganda ahead of the local elections, whose youth wing leader takes every opportunity to rant on about the evil ‘whiteys’, with no repudiation from the ANC at all (so clearly no longer a non racial bunch), Zuma sat on the same stage as Malema when Malema went on another psychopathic raving about the ‘whiteys’ that are the root cause of all the ANC’s failings (sic) and smiled all the while… very inspiring indeed!! The ANC youth league is nothing more than a mirror image (albeit on the other extreme of the racist spectrum as what the 80’s ‘wit wolwe’ were), corruption is the norm and not the exception these days, power and greed are the only ‘virtues’ this bunch identify with, and all the while, the most poor, the most needy just endure more and more suffering. The ANC is no longer the ethical, ‘greater good’, morally based bunch any longer…but fear not, they’ll blame that too on the ‘whiteys’… Madiba’s ANC is DEAD!


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