Honesty, integrity and a good dose of bullshit!

Its laughable how hypocritical we can be, aspire and confess to all the virtues ‘good’ men of old used to measure themselves against, and yet, in this day and age with all its materialism and superficiality, its fake smiles and meaningless laughs, I would say it’s almost impossible to stay true to those virtues, Love, Integrity & Honour… almost that is, but all the bullshit aside, I think we ‘use’ the ‘bullshit’ as a convenient excuse, a means to giving in to the ‘darkside’. The trick is to realise and accept that we need to fight harder than the knights of old to stay true to those age-old virtues that can, if adhered to, or should I say if honestly committed to can make society and us as constituents better! Obviously we also need to realise that we are mere humans, not infallible, but if we can attempt in good conscience to stay ‘on course’ then our faltering can be forgiven at least, understood at most. After-all, when you stand in front of the mirror looking at yourself remember this, integrity is the only virtue you can give yourself, who’s looking back at you?


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