African National Congress slips further & further….

The fact that the ANCYL can make continued racist remarks, overtly stating over and over again that whiteys are to blame for all South Africa’s woes (even though they haven’t been in power for 17 years) but the whiteys provide a convenient excuse for the incompetence, corruption, & greed, and yes, the legacy of apartheid still remains but so much of the our current problems have less to do with the past and more to do with the present…. No longer the ANC of Madiba, the ANCYL has undone all the good, all the reconciliation, that Madiba was responsible for, and the current ANC has allowed it, nay, supported it! The ANCYL is the equivalent of the witwolwe, a far right-wing racist group of the 80’s, the ANCYL is just on the other side of the continuum, the witwolwe hated Africans & the ANCYL (and by complicit association the ANC itself), hate whiteys, sad, real sad, but true…


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