Can’t stop the politics, but the politics is an end unto itself!

I seriously wonder what these politicians are thinking about when they knowingly waste huge amounts of tax payers money on completely banal things, like lavish hotel stays, parties etc. and then get all uppity when they get taken out in the media, honestly, what do they expect should happen? We have a population where at least 70% live in some sort of poverty yet they (with money that’s not even theirs) spend R15 000 a night in a hotel. I don’t care if the politicians come from the ANC, the DA or whichever party (or whether they are black, white or pink), they should get nailed…I know the ANC will push the race card, they always do, like because we are non whiteys we can do what we want, really pitiful, instead of just taking a bit of responsibility, a touch of accountability etc. but no, that would take too much honesty and a bit of integrity, both of which are in very short supply in SA’s political realm.

I say again with heartfelt emphasis, the ANC of today is not Madiba’s ANC anymore, but a greedy, immoral, dishonest, selfish group of political despots (there are exceptions obviously but they are that, the exemptions and not the norm). And yes the ANC will fall, its started already due to exactly this reason, people are generally good, generally honest and where they are not they would like to be (I hope), so once the majority stop bullsh1tting themselves (they’ll get there, not by others telling them about it but they themselves will start to grasp the reality of what’s happening and they will get tired of it all, seeing the implications and impacts of the twisted and tainted political machine that is the ANC, and they’ll say, this is not what I want for my family, for me, for my future, my family’s future etc.) and then the tide will turn as it always does in situations like this, in time’s time for sure but the writing is on the wall, like it was for the Nats, its all about the transition though and how that happens…

We hope that who ever takes over from the ANC (maybe a hybrid with a new ANC in there too) learns from the past, cos clearly the ANC has not learnt from the past, or maybe the ANC as an entity has but the people that currently represent it have and will not, and in so doing have put paid (or at least heavily compromised) to the future path of this great country and its awesome people!


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