Time for the constructed demise of the D7000

My Nikon D7000 takes great photos… when it decides to take great photos… when its not spewing oil on the sensor (fixed), or massively front focusing (got it back yesterday from Nikon, hopefully fixed), my original D7k had LCD issues so they gave me a ‘new’ one, the new one has done the spewing of the oil and front focusing stuff. So no, this is not the type of reliability I expected from Nikon I must say, and with a bit of luck the D7000 will be ‘demised’ and then we (I) will usher in the new era, with the most reliable, solidly built (D300S) which also takes pretty good pics (bonus). I just want something that lasts well and has good IQ… So after asking the Nikon gods (pro Nikon users) the opinion is unanimous; The most solid, well build, reliable DX Nikon at present is the D300S. So, soon the D300S will rise, with me as it’s trusty (somewhat) commander, hope it doesn’t take the fact that I’m an amateur to heart and do something stupid though!!


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