And so the GREY continues…

I find more and more that life these days seems more and more intent on pushing one to be more predictable, less individual, more conformist, less creative, more GREY, and yes, creativity and innovation are there, its just as though the world and not ourselves are defining the parameters within which the creativity and innovation should occur, instead of us. Sure we come up with an idea, its ours, mine, yours, but the context within which we find ourselves, which impacts on our understanding, fathoming of any ‘creative’ ‘innovative’ idea, to some degree is already predefined… And so, we become more GREY, even as some of us struggle to stay individualistic, true to ourselves, it becomes almost impossible by virtue of our context, to some degree at least, so be aware that striving, fighting for your individualism needs to take account of the ‘context’ within which you live because much of it is not of your creating, so fight harder, against the world… to be yourself in it!!


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