The art of getting by…

I think its a movie actually but I haven’t seen it, my reason for the statement (aka unseen movie…) is a lot more uncertain as I’m sure the movie with it’s directors and producers, and actors et al had a grand script of sorts that allowed them to meander through whatever plot, sub plot(s) and general context the movie has at its core with some ‘artiness’, ‘coming of age, epiphany like moments at crucial times etc etc. all coming together is the final 5 to 10 minutes, and then it all made sense in some (undefined) sorta way!

Mine ain’t like that…life is like a reaction, things happen, we react, next thing happens, we do, we plan but that generally gets fukced by what the world has planned (strange how its generally in stark contradiction to our plans), we react, we survive, seldom really live, and then we hope like hell we’ve done enough (not quite sure what), said enough (what and to whom still remains a fuzzy notion to me) to allow us some sense of achievement ( a life well lived), but on whose terms and to what ‘greater good’? Ours, the world’s or some grey area in between… and so on.


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