Sometimes we just need a reality check… seriously!

So easy to lose perspective in life, of life, while trying to live life… and we then tend to focus more on the ‘stuff’ we ain’t got and the things that go wrong, or that don’t happen as we’d like or as we’d planned, and we get so obsessed with these ‘things’ we get bulldozered into this negative cycle, which essentially reinforces itself, at our expense.

And then, once in a while (rarely, especially to this extent) we experience something, or someone that equates to a well deserved ‘smack in the face’, I got that last week, went and watched a movie (documentary) called, “Searching for Sugarman” the story of Rodriquez… its rare to be moved emotionally by something we ourselves don’t experience through doing, similarly, its even more of a rarity to be moved spiritually (not in a religious sense per se), BUT to have both of these together at the same time is truly epic!

Go watch the movie, IT WILL move you, it will provide you with a much needed slap in the face, though its impact is a lot more subtle, its impact so much more unequivocal, more profound, just be open to the beauty, the state of senses it conveys … like seeing the moon landing for the first time but being on the moon while watching it…. see the movie you’ll know what I mean!!

Where humility, integrity and true beauty converge!


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