Frustration and bliss…

So you wonder how humanity is gonna survive the future, with all manner of calamity waiting around the bend… its easy actually, we’ll ignore things until the sh1t hits the fan (literally), and then we’ll try manage, fix and apportion blame, hopefully to someone and/or group that are insecure (typically those who have that ‘recycled hippy’ sense of guilt about what we are doing to ‘mother earth’) enough to actually contemplate the notion that they may indeed be to blame (a bit or a bunch, directly or indirectly).

We, both as individuals and as the ‘collective’ have lost the ability to engage with and take responsibility for our actions, the options and opportunities to blame ‘others’ are just too tempting, the option to ‘externalise the cost(s)’ is just to enticing, and with so little consequence, its a win win deal, superficially anyhow, cos the sh1t did hit the fan, that wasn’t a rumour or a likelihood, its an unequivocal reality…

No honour among thieves the saying goes, but when there’s no honour amongst the one’s we’d consider ‘the just and decent’ within the collective then, its safe to assume that the sh1t that did indeed hit the fan is gonna be our undoing, the stuff to ‘asunder’ us for good!


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