What do you stand for?

Its easy enough to stand for something, to represent something, to draw that line in the sand (and hopefully be brave enough to defend it) But, is what you stand for what you believe in? Think about it… Its easier to ‘stand for’ the ‘normal’ stuff, the conformist stuff, the stuff people would expect you to defend, but what about the tough stuff, the stuff you know will cause ‘a raised eyebrow, or more’, that ‘stuff’ that deep down you believe in but you ain’t sure about society at large’s ‘agreeing’ with you, are you brave enough to take a stand for that stuff, with as much voracity as the ‘easier’ stuff… think about it!

Avoid the grey, the grey wants you to be predictable, to defend the norm, the accepted, at the expense of what you truly believe in at times… so make sure that when you take that stand, that its for what you believe in and not just what’s expected from you, by others!


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