So Maybe…

It’s a new year, there are new resolutions for the year, resolutions we almost definitely will not stick to or achieve, but its in the identifying of them that we acknowledge and/or take stock of where we are in our lives, even if its superficial in a sense. Resolutions are a reflection of the stuff about ourselves that we don’t like (generally) or want to change.

So in a sense there’s an honesty in being able to identify them (assuming there’s more than one), we then go straight ahead (some quicker than others) and ‘rubbish’ them and by the end of January most of us don’t even remember what they were, BUT, at least for the briefest of time we acknowledged that there is ‘stuff’ about us that’s not perfect (not that we are ignorant to the ‘stuff’ but its serves our selfish parochial tendencies better to ‘not engage’ with, said ‘stuff’), and maybe we need to. Instead of just going through the habitual ‘resolution identifying process’ in mid December (or late on the 31st, a few minutes before midnight), we should force ourselves, on a more regular basis to take stock of that ‘stuff’, take a few minutes (or hours, depending on the ‘heap’ of ‘stuff’ you have) and put in a consummate effort to ‘make’, ‘modify’ and ‘amend’ ourselves to better reflect the innate tendencies of self “less”ness, humility and being a better person to the world and those in it, even if it necessitates a  bit of ‘sacrifice’ of self, do it! the world desperately needs it!


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