Mmmm… Ja

Have you ever thought quite specifically about whether you actually believe in yourself, what it means if you do, but also what consequences a lack of true faith in your ability to action your life into what you want it to be means? It’s tougher than you think cos unfortunately there is always some dependency on how we engage with the world and those around us…

And if they (be it directly or indirectly) are at odds with our ‘actioning’ well then we always tend to compromise, and in that compromise we will always be worse off cos we as the ‘actioner’ will lose a bit of our ‘us’ and the world and/or the others only compromise on perception or process, nothing unto themselves. 

So we often lose, bit by bit those ‘special’ bits of ourselves by default just by trying to stay true to ‘our faith in ourself’.

Gotta keep fighting the good fight, avoid the grey, it ain’t you!


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