Sometimes faith is exactly that, a leap into infinity & hoping for beyond…

I understand people that ‘practicalise’ religion, but I figure that even atheists have faith, in something, even if its not of divine nature, the fact that there is some faith in something actually means that there is hope (or faith) in something not practical (in a sense). It could be something as mundane as believing in yourself to do something specific in a specific situation, and that you’d be able to succeed, so, faith in yourself, is it then such a stretch to think the same could hold true for that part of your existential context beyond yourself?? I think not, hence faith is not such a stretch, just a leap beyond yourself.



And so it dawns on one…

Sometimes its truly amazing that, even with our newly, renewed or slightly committed enthusiasm for ‘carpe diem’ or seizing the day how wrong we can be… I often find that the harder we try to alter our path, our thoughts, our actions etc. there is often some ‘pushback’ from the universe (or Murphy) which leads me to conclude that as much as we resist change at times, the universe also only accepts and approves when it deems appropriate.

This is important cos it can oftentimes explain the many unsuccessful, less than fruitful/enjoyable, and downright frustrating attempts we make to ‘carpe the Diem’… So dont be harsh on yourself, don’t dump all the blame at your feet and ponder your insignificance or your perceived failure, cos sometimes it quite literally is just the world fucking with you!!


Ok, here we go…

So a new year, a new resolution, one to stick to (hopefully), I even edited the bio etc and plan to be a lot more active here, also I’ll be posting a lot more of my photography here, rather than just dumping it on Flickr etc.

I want to start the year by saying this ” Life is not about being successful, life is about being useful!” and the second bit of idealistic inspiration is “Going into something with your eyes wide open doesn’t mean you’ll see everything that’s coming…”

Here’s a photo, its symbolises 2 things I want to strive towards this year, which tie in very closely with the 2 quotes above, authenticity and purity of purpose!



Just a little… 

Still time for a thought or two, life needs to be more about humility, compassion and empathy, unfortunately its all about selfishness, greed and dishonesty…. And because of this, the world’s future is thoroughly compromised. But, it’s up the good in all of us to fight for its right to usurp the evil, it’s doesn’t happen by default!